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Race horse welfare wins with launch of transformative equine care automation

A new automation platform for the care and management of thoroughbred

racehorses was launched today as a world first for the equine industry, created by a

team of leading Australian experts.

StableWizard was inspired by the vision of Kevin Maloney, Chairman of Australia’s

premier Segenhoe Stud, to take transformative automation tools into the field of race

horse management. The cloud-based, real-time information system was created

through a two-year development process embedded with Australia’s leading trainer

Chris Waller.

With horse welfare at the heart of the system, StableWizard delivers a data capture

and utilisation platform that is proven to improve horse welfare and asset

management as well as business efficiency and safety, reducing costs and

enhancing outcomes.

StableWizard transforms the future of equine training, using technology to drive

safety, welfare, efficiency, and performance across the sector.

Thoroughbred horse welfare has been in the spotlight in Australia and globally and

the founders of StableWizard believe their product will not only elevate and

modernize equine management, but it will also have positive repercussions globally

creating what will be considered the new standard in the industry.

With the eyes of trainers, owners, and a rigorous regulatory regime having oversight

on every horse in Australia, the $9.5 billion local industry and its global counterparts

have been ripe for automation in the training field and Australian workflow

automation experts Redleaf have stepped up to the task.

“StableWizard automation will be like the transformation from horse and cart to the

automobile for this industry,” said Maloney.

The simple to use and secure cloud-based system delivers a high-performance, real-

time workflow management platform to capture critical welfare data, raise alerts, and

support training regimes. Trainers receive real-time oversight of operations to

improve welfare and performance outcomes, as well as record keeping of vital

statistics and data for business operations planning as well as presenting a horse’s

recorded history in its circle of life. Other service providers like vets, farriers, physio,

and dental services can all utilise the input and output of the data.

“By ensuring and maintaining the health and wellbeing of each horse in my care in a

stable with this incredibly useful data provided by StableWizard, we have improved

the efficiency of our business and the care we can provide to our horses. Some

processes that took 2 hours now take 2 minutes,” Waller said.

“The benefits to our clients, the owners, are also clear as we can be more effective,

timely in our communication to them, elevate our level of care, and provide a full

picture data record of their horse."

“StableWizard really works. We see the benefits of it through longevity and great

performances. The finer details it offers are the difference between winning big races

or not,” he added.

The solution seamlessly translates traditional horse management tasks like

recording temperature and feed checks onto an easy to use dashboard via a phone

or device, making the information accessible immediately to those that need it where

and when it’s required. It revolutionises the intensive daily training regime in the way

it can track, alert, retain, and relay instant vital details to the trainers across multiple

remote geographic locations and time zones.

Along with robust and secure tracking data, it delivers efficiencies such as feed

management that both save money, time and improve planning and resource

allocation for the business.

Highly experienced veterinary expert Dr. Malcom France, BVSc PhD, from the Board

of the ANZ Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching, says the level

of data and alert system for anomalies in a horse’s condition provide an exceptional

capacity to ensure a horse’s health and welfare which can only improve the well-

being of the race horse and improve results and longevity across the industry.

“I think it’s essential that the horse racing industry adopt new technologies and works

with a foundation in animal welfare science that we now have available. That’s

important not only for community expectations but also for the performance of the

animals themselves as well as the welfare of those animals so everybody wins,” Dr

France says.

Accreditation tools, staff training, and certification modules are all being embedded

into the system to centralise and simplify the trainer’s operations.

“The potential uses in this environment are almost limitless and we plan to introduce

more components to develop it into a full suite of solutions for the delivery of equine

welfare, a purpose very near and dear to our hearts,” says Maloney.

StableWizard is able to be tailored for any stable environment and to capture an

individual trainer’s specific requirements. With research and development partners,

StableWizard is investigating game changing automation enhancement to run on the

platform in the future.

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About Segenhoe Stud

Segenhoe boasts an unrivalled heritage of horse care and a passion for breeding champions

since 1908. Its premier paddocks and facilities nestled in exceptional country in Scone, New

South Wales are home to among the largest proportion of thoroughbred champions of any

stud in the country, cared for by an outstanding, award winning team.

About Chris Waller Racing

Named Australia’s leading trainer for the third time in 2020, Chris Waller and his team at

Chris Waller Racing care for and nurture a star-studded line-up of Australia’s thoroughbred

racehorses, including managing the career of Australia’s most successful racehorse WINX.

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Redleaf is an Australian based business software automation technology company that

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