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Get to know StableWizard


StableWizard was developed by equine and technology professionals united in a vision to create a system for data collection and presentation of information that users can rely and act upon.

We seek to be the leaders for solutions that support the health, care and welfare of horses under the management of industry professionals.

The intent was to create an equine management system that is easy to use with all the sophisticated data management and analysis in the background. 

Stable Wizard eliminates paper records that fail to provide meaningful information and provide a modern time-efficient solution for those who have the responsibility for the care of horses.

The dilemma for those who have the responsibility for the care of horses is a balance of time spent on the collection and assessment of the critical information whilst attending to the management and welfare of each horse under your care. 

StableWizard automates the collection of information and the delivery of important information. The system delivers critical information to each decision-maker within the organisation in real-time.


StableWizard’s story began when an innovative technology industry professional met a leading Australian trainer, Chris Waller, who was seeking to raise the bar and set an efficient, consistent and higher standard for the welfare of the horses in their care.


This passion for the highest levels of welfare and performance was also shared by the prestigious Segenhoe Stud which encouraged and backed the development of what is now recognised as a world leading solution for equine athletes.


The focus on the welfare of a horse from birth to retirement being the passionate and compassionate vision that these parties bring together form the creation of StableWizard to deliver on the health and performance management of a thoroughbreds to thrive and perform to its natural abilities.

StableWizard’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution provides a holistic understanding of the horse’s condition and health, reporting back to the trainer when events need intervention or attention

Kevin Maloney

Kevin is Chairman of Segenhoe Stud and Tulla Group, his knowledge of "and passion for" the equine industry has been instrumental in the development of Stablewizard.

Mark Kay
Managing Director

Mark founded a software company that builds process automation, his experience and vision has elevated thoroughbred welfare to a much higher level through technology enablement. 


Our core software modules for equine management include:

  • Information collection and reporting from handheld devices in the stables.

  • Monitoring and management of the horses’ innate needs – good nutrition, a safe environment and sustained health.

  • Information reporting and presentation to a centralised management dashboard via a browser.

  • The automation of stable processes, and real-time updates via real-time displays in barns.

  • Simple interface for all users with sophisticated data capture and aggregation.

  • A secure system record, backed up by stable inspections which enable conditions to be inspected and assessed by Stewards.

Additional modules:

  • System Messaging via the Dashboard, horse specific

  • Scheduling of daily Veterinary work and treatments

  • Work Health & Safety staff and contractor inductions

  • Visitor Management System that tracks visitors and contractors

  • Work scheduling (worksheets) covers all staff and horse activities, rostering, scheduling, and movements*

  • Medications with automated management of withholding period regulations (by State), for Nominations and Acceptances*

            * Release early 2021


Powerful, secure and user-friendly software.

StableWizard is tailored to each individual stable and the way they operate - there is no additional backend required. The Trainer sets the rules and policies that create notifications and reports to be provided to the Trainer and the management team.


Each day the system collects and records hundreds of points of data giving a complete overview of each horse’s condition and health. This provides a lifetime picture of the horses under the trainers care.


Real-time and historical data can be called upon at any given time, in an easy to read display, and acted upon immediately. 


Notifications are also set if data suggests intervention is needed.

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